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I came across Sam Bennett’s video ‘Can you really be successful in just 15 minutes a day?’ when looking for inspiration on how to move forward. Her advice…take 15 minutes a day, every day, to work, meditate, etc. on your intention for life. What is it that you want? Move toward that in some way,  shape, or form each day.It seems small, but it creates consistency and builds momentum.

Today at work I had a revelation, while I like to work independently, I do not like trying to manage other people. I’m a peacemaker and everyone’s different ideas and opinions, while completely justified, end up stressing me out since I’m technically the one who is supposed to resolve them. And having to nix some people’s ideas, or not give them validation, upsets me. Such a sensitive flower. Removed from it, even a few hours and a couple cocktails later, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal at all. But I’ll get to that…

I read a fabulous article by Derek Sivers titled ‘No more yes. It’s either Hell Yeah! or no.’ The title alone is a breath of fresh air. It basically states that unless you feel an absolute ‘Yes!’ about moving forward with a person, project, place, whatever…that you should say ‘No’. Even if the alternative isn’t clear yet. Time to start weeding things out of my life that are no longer useful, and replace them with things that are meaningful and inspiring.

So today, after the cocktails, I took Lexi for a walk along the water. Night was falling, it was just after sunset. The sky was beautiful, picking up city lights to the south and darkening to the north. I love being near the water, the sound of the waves, and the lights from the islands are so beautiful. I took the first of many future 15 minute breaks to reflect. Once I got away from what was causing me stress, and things didn’t seem so bad, it became clear that I felt that way because I was actually away from the source. In other words, I don’t ‘just need a break’, I need a change. And I took the first step down that ever-beckoning path today…

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