15 minutes a day

I came across Sam Bennett’s video ‘Can you really be successful in just 15 minutes a day?’ when looking for inspiration on how to move forward. Her advice…take 15 minutes a day, every day, to work, meditate, etc. on your intention for life. What is it that you want? Move toward that in some way,  Continue Reading →

A look back at how it all started

I was thinking about when I first had inklings of being drawn to an entrepreneurial lifestyle. It actually extends back across 3 decades! A rough timeline: Early 1980s – As a child, I had plastic, pastel colored blocks that stacked on each other. I’d stack two or three together until I had a few separate Continue Reading →

Character Development

Today I would like to speak to you about character. And hope. And love. Love always hopes. Remember that. Even in your darkest moments. My darkest moments occur when I don’t have food. I love food. So I never lose hope. I never lose hope that the next thing I sniff on the street may Continue Reading →

Out and about in the Emerald City

I got an extra walk outside! Seattle is my favorite city because I’m the star customer in nearly all shops, and people feed me no matter where I go. Floral Masters is one of my favorites! My human took me there today so I could get a heart shaped dog treat. Or at least, my Continue Reading →

The end of the world as we know it, aka bath day

Today is a sad day. Bath day. I would try to escape but by the time I’m scooped up and hustled unceremoniously into the bathtub it’s too late. The door is closed and I’m trapped. So I tolerate it. Or I act like I do. Finally I am liberated! I shake off on everything possible Continue Reading →

I am Lexi, the Huntress

I was born to hunt through rough terrain. Someone is unaware of this. And created dog booties. Even the name offends me. I have perfectly good paws. Nevertheless, the booties were strapped to my paws. So I awkwardly slow stomped. Then I threw myself on my side in protest. The offending booties were removed and Continue Reading →